Have you recently tried to install programs or open programs on your computer system and have faced an error? Does it indicate that there exists a problem within your computer’s system where a file termed MSVCP120.dll is missing? This message appears on your computer screen where there is a missing .dll file. It is quite a common form of error and appears on most user’s screens, but they do tend to face a general difficulty in treating the issue as there is not much of an awareness surrounding the cause of the problem. In order to solve any primal issue or error in a system, it is most essential to understand why it exists in the first place. After that will any further step be proven eventful.

So, let’s start at the beginning and talk about when the error message pops up. It usually comes up upon opening a game or a program. The message saying “the MSVCP120.dll is missing” will appear. Now, we need to understand what .dll means. DLL is an abbreviation for Dynamic Link Library. It contains a number of resources that execute or perform certain assigned actions. If those resources are missing, chances are you will face the MSVCP120.dll missing error and your files will not open without those required resources or links.

You can rid your computer of this error using a few possible solutions listed below now that you understand what the error is.

  1. Advanced System Repair Tool – Download the tool from the web for free. Accept its terms and conditions to run and install the tool. Once the tool has been installed, scan your computer for any errors. Once the scanning is complete, clean any errors by clicking the “clean now” button. If there are any errors in the repairing process, the tool creates a restore point in the Windows and then fixes the errors.
  2. Reinstall C++ Redistributable Packages – The .dll file is from the C++ software system. An errored running and installation of the package can cause the missing .dll error to arise. Get the package from Microsoft once again and install making sure there are no errors this time around.
  3. Virus Scans – Certain viruses acquired through foreign data or online websites can be untraceable in the usual virus scans. Do an extensive virus scanning and get rid of any malicious data. Viruses can often cause the .dll data to be interrupted and corrupted.

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